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Tanning Lamp Starters

Tanning lamp starters are used to "ignite" the bulb and are responsible for the "flicker" you see when first starting your tanning device.  If your bulbs flicker during use or do not ignite at all, the starters may be the cause.  To troubleshoot bed starters, simply change them out with a known working starter.  Many of the less expensive home tanning beds did not use starters at all so do not be surprised if your "home" tanning bed does not have them.  Most starters are located behind the tanning lamps at one end. 

To remove tanning bed lamp starters, simply push in and turn counter-clockwise and it will spring out into your hand.  Lamp manufacturers recommend replacing starters every time you replace the lamps but every other time will work fine, based on our experience.  Most tanning beds either have the S12 starter pictured below for all bulbs less than 140 watt or the Cleo Power for 160 watt systems and above.  Finally new "electronic" starters are sold here, and are explained further below:

photo tanning bulb starters
* Phillips S12 Starter
* Fits 80 watt to 140 watt tanning beds
* Direct replacement for Cosmedico K11, K12
* Prices are $2 each
* Free shipping included
photo of tanning lamp starters
* CosmoStart Electronic Starter
* Fits 80 watt to 220 watt tanning systems
* Direct replacement for S12, S16, K11, K12, Electronic
* Prices are $3 each
* Free shipping included
* Lasts up to 10 years!

Many customers ask about the difference between a S12 "glow" starter and a new electronic tanning bed starter?  The answer is this:  have you ever noticed how many tanning bed bulbs turn black near the end of the lamp?  The electronic tanning bed starter eliminates this darkening at the end of the bulbs by providing zero stress starting conditions during start up process.  The glow starter provides repeated "high energy" pulses to the lamp end before the lamp has been warmed, thus creating phosphor pollution and darkening the white coating inside the lamp near the ends. 

The installation of electronic starters eliminate the dark ends that a glow starter like the Philips S2, S12, S16, or Cosmedico K11 and K12 starters will create.  PLUS, electronic tanning bed starters have a TEN YEAR LIFE SPAN and will operate in any lamp from 4 watts to 220 watts.

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