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Tanning Bed End Caps

Tanning bed end caps are used to cover the bolts, hinges, and sharp edges from the customer. Often, these "end caps" are made of plastic, where as the bed may be made of steel or otherphoto of tanning bed end cap for tropical rayz model material, that fades under constant UV light exposure.  These end covers will become cracked and unsightly and replacing them becomes important to maintain a fresh appearance in your salon or home.  We carry a variety of end caps for Tropical Rayz, Royal Sun, Perfect Tan, Pro Sun, ETS, Sonnenbraune, Sun Ergoline, Tan America and more for sale.

For more detailed information and for a large selection of tanning bed end caps please call today.  We offer one of the largest selections of  end caps for all makes and models.  We sell end caps for tanning beds made by ACN Solart, Alisun, Alpha Sun, Atlantis, Soltron, Dr. Kerns, Dr. Muller, Electric Sun, ESB, Forever Tan, Garda Sun, HEX, Hollywood Tan, ITS, JK Ergoline, JK Soltron, Kettler, Klafsun, Klaus, Leisure Bay, Sunliner, Mega Max, Mega Sun, Montego Bay, Ovation, Pro Sun, Puretan, Royal Sun, SCA, Shaw, Silver Solarium, Solaire, Solana, Solaris, Sonnenbraune, Sontegra, Sportaredo, Star Power, Sun Dash, Sun Dazzler, Sun Industries, Sun Quest, Sun Star, Sun Vision, Sunal, Tan America, Tanses, Wolff, Ultra Bronze, UWE, Velocity, Vita Sun just to name a few. 

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