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High Pressure Tanning Bulbs

High pressure tanning bulbs or "facials" are used in tanning beds to this is photo of a philips 400 watt high pressure facial bulb with ceramic leads which is offered in our replacement lamp kitsprovide a pure, 100% UVA, light source directly above the face and are typically mounted behind a blue filter glass to help protect the delicate skin in the face and neck area.  Keep in mind, these 400 watt lamps have NO harmful UVB rays and are 100% PURE UVA ray.  For this reason, facial bulbs are GOOD for you! 

The high pressure cut-out construction technique required the manufacturer to use a "shorter" bulb, the F59 size, because it is 12" shorter than  than the F71 size to fit everything into the same frame size.  We offer facial lamps in kits with four different strengths of UVB %.  We offer a bronzing type bulb with a 6.5% UVB and a hotter lamp with 15 minute max time and 7.5% UVB.  You can also buy 8.5% UVB bulbs and 10 minute 9.5%UVB Panther tanning lamps here too. But be careful with these!

Our facial lamp kit buying options include buying facial bulbs with F59'sthe f59 length tanning bed bulb is for beds with facials like the one pictured here AND the F71's in a replacement lamp kit WITH a 400 watt Phillips facial bulb for one low price.  We assume most customers who own a tanning bed with facial bulb need a package which replaces all their lamps exactly as the bed pictured here, including the high pressure facial lamp.  Therefore, we created various facial bulb kit configurations which should match your configuration exactly and save you money.  Please call 800-667-9189 to place an order.

You can expect these lamps to last over 7 years in a residential environment. commercial tanning lamps If you own a home tanning bed like the SunQuest Pro series or similar with a "facial", you have special needs!  We offer special kits designed to fit your bed with 3 different styles of lamps.  Long (F71), Shorter (F59), and high pressure (400w) bulb in a 6.5% "bronzer" type, which is a 17 to 20 minute max recommended exposure time.  All prices include shipping, insurance, and a free gift:

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