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Tanning Bed Cords and Plugs

Tanning bed cords and plugs are often worn, frayed, or destroyed photo of tanning bed cords and plugsduring normal operation or moving of tanning beds. Typically the bed cord must be able to handle 220 volts and 20 to 30 amps of current.

A home tanning bed with a 100 volt plug and receptacle will usually require a 20 amp breaker versus the normal 15 amp breaker found in many homes today.  If your bed is tripping the circuit breaker, this could be the reason why.

Pictured here is the most common type of tanning bed power cord for 32 lamp beds with a L630 twist lock plug requiring a 30 amp power cord.

We also carry molded power cords for 20 amp circuits as required by many Sunquest and SCA Wolff tanning beds.

The most common home tanning bed repair call is :  " I just this is a home tanning bed adapter to make a salon bed work at your housebought a used bed from a salon and it will not come on".  This is because the unit was most likely hooked up to a remote timer.  You need to make the tanning bed think there is a "remote timer" hooked up to the bed like there was at the salon.

To do this, you install a "Magic Wire" in the phone type jacks in the back of the bed like the one pictured here.  This will close the switch and allow the bed to energize.   This adapter fits most newer models with digital timers like ETS, Sun Ergoline, and Tropical Rayz to name a few. 

 If you bought a SunQuest, SunStar, StarPower, or Sunvision, you will need one of these adapters to make this bed work as a stand alone unit.  We can produce one of these for about $35 or you can call us to find out how to make one yourself.  Call 321-432-3000 from 8 to 10 est.

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