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Tanning Lamp Sockets and Holders

Tanning lamp socket and holders are used for holding the bulb or lamp in place. photo of tanning bed lamp holderAs shown in the photo below, lamp holders are typically the "bi pin" type which hold the F71 type replacement lamps.  These sockets also hold the starters in place and you must feed the metal tips of the starters through the round holes once the bulb is removed. A bulb is installed by first aligning the white "channel" of the holder with open end so the lamp pins slide in.  After inserting the two pins, then twist to bulb 1/4 turn to "lock" into place.

A helpful hint when trouble-shooting is to first check and see if the label on the bulb itself is not centered and if the rest of the labels are.  If the lamp is not lit, first twist it around in the socket to see if it will fire off.  If you can get the bulb to ignite only after you apply pressure to the socket, then the lamp holder should be replaced. The are removed and installed by the plastic tab protrusions that are on the sides and click into place in the sheet metal of the lamp assembly.

photo of tanning bed lamp holder

* Lamp Holder or Socket
* Fits bi-pin type lamps
* Direct replacement for Tropical Rayz, Sunal, Perfect Tan, Sunquest, Dr Mueller, more
* Prices are $5 each
* Free shipping included

photo tanning bulb starters

* Phillips S12 Starter
* Fits 80 watt to 140 watt tanning beds
* Direct replacement for Cosmedico K11, K12
* Prices are $2 each
* Free shipping included

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