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Tanning Bed Parts and Supplies

This website offers tanning bed parts and supplies for sale including replacement lamps, acrylics, shocks, and new red light therapy bulbs.  We carry parts for over 2500 popular lay down or stand up tanning models sold or imported into the USA since 1978!

We provide parts for all tanning beds like the SunQuest Pro, SunStar, and Sunvision models made by ETS Tans of Indiana.  Other brand names we provide lamps, shocks and acrylics for include Wolff, Alisun, Sun Ergoline, Ultra Sun, Dr Kern, Dr Muller, ESB,  Future Industries, Heartland Tan, Klafsun, Montego Bay, Pro Sun, PureTan, SCA, Sonnebraune, Sportarredo, Sun Dash, Sunal, Tan America, Tan Systems, Ultra Bronz, UWE, and many more. 

All of our prices include free shipping, free gifts, insurance and 1 year warranty.  call us with a photo of your tanning bed and the manufacturer's label with date of mfg and model number and we can provide any replacement part you need, guaranteed.   call 800-667-9189 now.

We also stock the new red light therapy bulbs for converting old tanning beds and stand up tanning booths to collagen stimulating, anti-aging, rejuvenating red light therapy tanning beds!

No matter how durable or well-constructed a tanning bed is, there are certain maintenance issues you will need to take care of over the course of the tanning bed's life which require a tanning bed repair technician.  Tanning bed shocks are the most critical

You may need to replace certain tanning bed parts that are prone to wear and tear or that simply have a fixed life.  Tanning bed replacement lamps are a perfect example of this.  Depending on the amount of use the bed receives, tanning bed bulbs will need to be replaced sooner or later.

You can extend the life of your tanning bed and bulbs by cleaning and replacing the tanning bed acrylic according to the manufacturer's recommendations.  Maintaining the optimum room temperature is another good way to extend the life of your tanning bed lamps.  When the room temperature is too hot, the lamps need to be replaced more frequently.  You should also follow all other routine maintenance recommendations made by the manufacturer.

tanning bed parts for over 2500 models