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Tanning Bed Relays and Contactors

Tanning bed relays or contactors are used for relaying power through out the tanning bed from the main source.  If your tanning bed does not come on at all and you have verified power to one side of the relay or contactor like the one shown here then you should holdphoto of tanning bed relay or contactor the plunger down to test this component. If the bed fires off once the plunger is down then you should replace this component and in some cases the "fan delay relay" also.  These electrical components are generally made by Allen Bradley, Fanal, or Potter Brumfield but ETS has their own 40 amp 220 vac relay that replaces ETS pat number 10072 and others.

For more detailed information and for a large selection of relays and contactors please visit our "relay and contactor" specific page.  We offer one of the largest selections of contactors and relays for ACN Solart, Alisun, Alpha Sun, Atlantis, Soltron, Dr. Kerns, Dr. Muller, Electric Sun, ESB, Forever Tan, Garda Sun, HEX, Hollywood Tan, ITS, JK Ergoline, JK Soltron, Kettler, Klafsun, Klaus, Leisure Bay, Sunliner, Mega Max, Mega Sun, Montego Bay, Ovation, Pro Sun, Puretan, Royal Sun, SCA, Shaw, Silver Solarium, Solaire, Solana, Solaris, Sonnenbraune, Sontegra, Sportaredo, Star Power, Sun Dash, Sun Dazzler, Sun Industries, Sun Quest, Sun Star, Sun Vision, Sunal, Tan America, Tanses, Wolff, Ultra Bronze, UWE, Velocity, Vita Sun just to name a few. 

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