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Tanning Bed Ballasts

Tanning bed ballasts are the same as you will find in the sphoto of 100 watt tanning lamp ballasthop light in your home or garage.  These "choke" type ballasts have been used for years in modern lighting technology and only fail once in a blue moon.  They are now being phased for the more energy efficient electronic ballasts.

There are new "electronic" ballasts for tanning beds which are more energy efficient and last much longer.  Pictured here is the most common type of "electronic" ballast for most tanning beds.  

New electronic starters provide a perfect compliment buy electronic 110 volt 10 pin ballast here for Sunquest pro and moreto electronic ballasts and when combined, they both provide perfect starting conditions for tanning bed bulbs and prevent the ends of the lamps from becoming dark. 

We sell both lead-type ballasts and electronic type ballasts on this website.  Please call 800-667-9189 for assistance.  Please have bed model number and date of mfg in hand.

To trouble-shoot and repair a bad tanning bed ballast you can try two things. 

First, turn the unit on for a few minutes, then swap out the bulb that is unlit with the bulb next to it that is lit.   If the known good bulb does not light, then you know it is either the ballast, the socket, or connecting wire.  Wiggle the socket first to see if the lamp flickers, then visibly check the inter-connecting wires.  Finally, feel the back of the ballast if is accessible to see if it is cold to the touch ,as a properly working model should be warm after a few minutes of operation.

You know when your ballast is bad when your change the lamps and starters with known good lamps and the socket will still not work.  Once you verify the socket and wiring is good, then the ballast is the most likely culprit.

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